What is mean by Google (Accelerated Mobile Pages) AMP HTML Page

What you mean By Google (Accelerated Mobile Pages) AMP HTML Page and How its works?

Amp stands for Accelerated Mobile Page it is an open source project invented by Google. Its purpose is to speed up webpage content is displayed to mobile users. This is a way to create web pages that will provide rapidly for static content. When put into action, AMP consists of AMP HTML, the AMP JS library, and the Google AMP Cache. Google Amp are much faster and reactinstantly to user’s queries meaning they loadas soon as a link is tapped by the users Designed specifically with the condensed version of HTML, AMP Pages have the ability to load much earlier than any other web page. Accelerated mobile pages or (AMP) is a way to simplify website code and deliver faster and simpler web pages via mobile.

How Does It Work?

Amp is the open source project. It assists developers in creating fast loading static webpages. How does google amp works?

Amp is made from three major components

  • AMP JS

AMP HTML:  Set of html tags made to fit AMP specifications

AMP JS: Library is responsible for loading all external resources.

AMP CDN: Store a cached version on google servers

WWW- Regular Desktop Version. Create an AMP version of it called ”amphtml”. Google will also host it on gstatic.com, a Google cached version. Any cached version would contain a rel=“canonical” to original. When you actually see these things showing up in Google search results, they come from Google’s cache (gstatic)

Advantages and Disadvantages AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) HTML page.

Advantages Of AMP Google (Accelerated Mobile Pages):

  • AMP is that your users will enjoy a website that loads almost instantly on phones because its content is optimized and served directly via Google’s servers.
  • it improves your website SEO ranking,
  • The main benefits are faster pages, making them more willing to click on the article.
  • higher conversion rates ,lower bounce rates, larger distribution and being on a common technical platform for mobile

Disadvantages Of AMP  (Accelerated Mobile Pages):

  • Implementation is somewhat different, which requires developers to learn and develop the website correctly
  • Your servers might see less load, but that is only because AMP is hosted by Google.
  • The another person can crawl and index your content, it could hurt your conversion rates due to lack of design features.
  • There are many technical requirements if you are not on a common CMS, it is very new and some are concerned it will not be around forever.
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